Making Chocolate Decorations

A one day course, covering a variety of techniques for making chocolate decorations. Ideal as a follow-on course from ‘Introduction to Chocolate.

On this day course you will learn:

  • Brief recap on tempering chocolate,
  • Making chocolate wraps, fans, curls and cigarellos,
  • Piping techniques for making chocolate lollies and shapes,
  • Using moulds and surfaces for making decorations,
  • Making chocolate flowers,
  • Colouring and painting chocolate using cocoa butter colours,
  • Attaching chocolate decorations.

You will come away from the course with the knowledge to make your own chocolate decorations as well as the chocolate you make on the course.

Please note we require the class to be full (4 persons) for it to proceed. At times sessions may need to be rescheduled.

Please also note that lunch is not provided.




Additional information

Course date

Wed 22nd January 2020, Wed 12th February 2020