Dupion Ruby Chocolate pleats and wraps wedding cake

Dupion Ruby Pleats

Dupion Ruby Chocolate Pleats & Wraps

A gorgeous soft dusky pink using natural Ruby chocolate for E & M’s winter wedding cake.

Ruby chocolate has a lovely tart and fruity taste and was the perfect coating. I’ve spent many years perfecting the technique for creating thin sheets and shapes out of chocolate. Success is very much dictated by being mindful to the environment its being made in. That means the right room temperature, humidity and using perfectly tempered chocolate. And a little bit of practise!

One of the questions I get most ask is ‘will it melt’. In fact as long as the chocolate is tempered it’s very stable and will withstand reasonable temperatures just as well as any stable buttercream coated cake or iced cake. Just remember to position the cake table out of direct sunlight.

Getting back to the pretty cake, all the decoration is Ruby chocolate – pleats, wraps and top flower. Inside was a mix of Strawberry & Champagne Cake a Coffee, Walnut & Mascarpone Cake and Rich Dark Chocolate Cake.