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Smooth wraps & textures

Four tier multi texture wedding cake

As without, so within. I love it when the style & texture of the cake's coating reflects the flavours on the inside.

The top tier of this four tier wedding cake is an almond and cherry sponge coated with caramelised almond nibs. The second is a triple layer cake of chocolate, salted caramel and vanilla sponge wrapped in a glossy hand-painted chocolate band. The third tier is classic vanilla wrapped in pure chocolate. The bottom tier is a rich dark chocolate cake layered with a gloriously smooth Venezuelan milk chocolate and fresh Cornish cream ganache and is coated with milk chocolate flakes.

A large chocolate rose decorates the top, the paper-thin delicate petals made entirely from Madagascan white chocolate (no chocolate paste in sight!). The base that the cake sits on is a hand-carved solid Peruvian dark chocolate 'tree slice'.